Rockley Equestrian Centre

Pony Days

During school holidays we often run pony days, where children can own a pony for the day.

Pony days usually run from 10am – 4pm.

Pony days consist of

On arrival at the yard they are assigned a horse or pony to suit their abilities. They are then assisted in grooming and tacking up their horse ready for a group lesson in the school. During this time they learn basic grooming skills and the function of the tack. Once tacked up, they mount their ponies and head into the school for an hour group lesson, suited to their abilities. They will then put their ponies back in the stables and have lunch, followed by an hour group hack. When they get back to the yard it’s time to dress up their ponies with ribbons and bows. Before going home it’s time for rosettes, for the best riders and the best decorated pony!

We also run pony plus days, following a similar structure, but for more experienced riders that can do small jumps.

A schedule of holiday events, including pony days, will be published on our events page and on Facebook a few weeks before the holidays. Please book your child’s place as soon as possible as these days are very popular.